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Slimming Massager: Does it Work?

According to several studies, body slimmer massager machine does have a certain role in weight loss through the method of physical vibration therapy. Most of the body slimmer massagers are through the massage method to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and fat decomposition. To achieve better outcomes, it is better to use the body slimmer machine every day, so as to massage the local body fat regularly to further promote fat burning and volatilization. At the same time, the users can also do some exercise and make diet adjustments to enhance the using effects of the slimming massage machine.

Slimming Massager Instructions: How to Use Slimming Massager?

Slimming Massager Instructions: How to Use Slimming Massager?

  • Carefully read and follow the instructions of different electric slimming body massagers during the first use. As different body slimmer massager machines have different specifications and designs, it is better to read the instructions before your first use so us to make sure you are using the slimmer massager correctly.

  • Use the slimming body massager step by step. If you haven't tried any body slimmer machine before, then it is best to try the body slimming massager for 10 minutes during the first use. If the body does not appear any discomfort, then you can appropriately extend the massage time. But it is not suggested to massage the same area for more than 30 minutes.

  • Do not use the electric slimming body massager after a full meal and strenuous exercise. Because massage at this time can make the blood flow further blood flow rate further accelerate. And this can lead to increased gastric motility, thereby resulting in nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and other discomforts.

  • Electronic fat massager machines should not be used in the early stages of fracture and dislocation.

Review Body Slimming Massager FAQs

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    Where Do You Use the Infrared Body Slimming Massager on?

    Every fat-burning massager machine Ace-tec design comes with a different purpose. Now the products we have are for your head, your body, and the fatness that you might have. An ultrasonic 3 in 1 EMS anti-cellulite cavitation body slimmer will not only relax your muscle but also help your body with fat-burning/removal and weight loss to realize the function of slimming, shaping, and beautifying as cellulite remover.

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    Is This A Rechargeable Cordless Massager Or Does This Need To Be Plugged In For It To Work?

    Ace-tec has different kinds of body slimmer massager machines for sale. While some of them are rechargeable, such as our EMS cellulite massager (model SR-07B) and ultrasonic EMS massager (model SR-12D), some of them need to be plugged in. Which one to choose depends on what you need.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Using Electric Slimming Body Massager?

    Every body slimmer massager has its own function. Scalp massager, such as our portable head massager (model HM-02), is for massage your head to make you relax and help your scalp problem. Ultrasound infrared cavitation EMS body slimming massager is used for weight loss as a complete anti-cellulite fat burner. So different slimming massager has a different purpose.

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    Can your Company Provide OEM & ODM Services Regarding your Body Slimmer Machine?

    Yes, we do. Ace-tec has over 18 years of OEM & ODM experience. Up to now, we have developed over 200 models for the market. Some of the TOP brands we served are: LG, PHILIPS, AVON, MARY KAY, etc.

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    Can I Use Body Slimming Massage Machine Without Cream Or Gel Application?

    Of course, all of our slimming body massagers can be used directed. If you want to use other products like gel applications, there is no problem with that. All of our slimming body massagers are compatible with cream and gel applicatuions. 

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